eBook                                         Dry Eye Knowledge and Treatment - a Patient's Handbook For Achieving Dry Eye Relief

If you are looking for dry eye relief..…you’re in the right place.

 The dry eye treatments in this book have helped thousands

of dry eye patients find the relief they seek.  

"I've had dry eyes for many years and became very frustrated that nothing seemed to help. I had tried many drops and seen several eye doctors but never seemed to get better. This book really helped me to understand my dry eye condition and the best ways to treat it. I have used many of the treatments you discussed and they have really helped. I am so excited that I am finally getting better." - Kim  

Dry Eye Treatment For Every Patient

As many as 20 million Americans suffer from dry eye. From mild symptoms to the most significant, all levels of dry eye will benefit from the knowledge and treatments available in this eBook.

It is designed as a "handbook" for those who suffer from dry eye. The different causes of dry eye are discussed in a direct, straightforward way. Once you understand the causes, it provides the most up to date treatments available and how they work. This 'knowledge and treatment" strategy provides the path to relief.

Avoid the endless hours of internet research by using this book to provide all you need to know in one location. You don't need to read hundreds of pages in other books to learn the most effective dry eye treatments.

For less than the cost of a bottle of one of the leading brands of artificial tears you will have the information at your fingertips to make real improvement in your dry eye.

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Many dry eye sufferers don't find relief because they fail to follow through on treatment recommendations made by their doctors. Experience has shown that this failure is due to a lack of understanding of how these treatments will help them. Knowledge of how the treatment works leads to better compliance and greater relief.

Dr. Miller has treated thousands of dry eye patients. He has firsthand experience regarding the most effective treatments for all levels of dry eye. Additionally, much of the information in this book comes from scientific journals which are unavailable to the general public or would cost you to have access.

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Dry Eye Topics Include:

  • Nearly 50 treatments, considerations, and recommendations
  • Computer use and dry eye
  • Environmental issues affecting dry eye
  • Specialized eye protection
  • The role of oral supplements
  • The science behind Restasis
  • How the eyelids can cause dry eye and how to treat it
  • The most recent research linking inflammation and dry eye and the most effective treatments
  • Whole body (systemic) considerations
  • Prescriptions commonly used to help dry eye
  • The role of artificial tears in dry eye treatment
  • Gels and ointments and their uses in dry eye treatment
  • Prescription artificial tears and how they are beneficial when other tears have failed
  • The role of preservatives in all eye drops and their impact on dry eye

This is the most comprehensive list of dry eye treatments made available to the public. Some people will need only a few, others many, while a few will require most of the treatments to find relief. The sequence of treatment is clearly described so you can find dry eye relief as soon as possible without undergoing unnecessary work.

In addition to the nearly 50 treatment recommendations,

 this book will help you:

  • Learn to identify which artificial tears are best for your dry eye. Many people needlessly spend hundreds of dollars a year on drops that don't help.
  • Learn how artificial tears work
  • Immediately begin saving time and money. Over a dozen artificial tears are discussed in detail and how to choose the best drops for you. Most importantly, you will more rapidly find the relief you seek.

What Others With Dry Eye Have To Say

"After visiting several Optometrists and Ophthalmologists and not  getting any help, Dr. Miller provided the treatment I needed for my eyes to finally feel better."   -  Leticia

"I have had very dry eyes for many years. After using the treatments discussed in your book my eyes finally feel better than they have in a long time. I am using several of your recommendations and they have really helped."   -   Julie

"My dry eye started about a year after my Lasik surgery. For years my eyes were always uncomfortable. Using four of the treatments you recommend in your book has fixed my problem and I hardly ever think about my eyes now."   -    Robert

Dr. Miller's Dry Eye Mission Statement:

Provide clear and concise Knowledge, empowering patients to

 find the correct Treatments they need to achieve the dry

 eye Relief they seek.

Purchase the downloadable eBook now for $3.95

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All major credit and debit cards accepted

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